Welcome to Baltimore, hon.

GKV is celebrating over 30 years of creating advertising, direct marketing, branding, digital and public relations campaigns that have succeeded in the marketplace by challenging the status quo. While tradition labels us an advertising agency, we bring critical thinking, planning and innovative execution to every communications platform.

We do this from Baltimore, a place that—despite unleashing Edgar Allan Poe, Frank Zappa and John Waters upon the world—is actually the epicenter of normal. Baltimore is considered one of America’s best test markets. Wonderfully diverse neighborhoods, authentic people with a lunch bucket ethos, and enough panache to keep things interesting. Our agency mirrors our town. We bust our butts. We make budgets work. We do what needs to be done. If the character of the people you work with is as important to you as the work, you belong in Baltimore.


We're so excited to be sending a little taste of Halloween at home to our troops overseas. GKV'ers have been bringing in all of their leftover Halloween candy this week to donate to @operationgratitude.eths. A huge thanks to our soldiers for all that you do! #gkv_people #operationgratitude #gkv_people have the most fun. #Bmoreaddys By far my favorite candid of all time haha. #gkv_people #daniellesbridalshower Today's work visitor. #gkv_people #bestdayever #casualfriday @gkvus takes on the #ADDYs! #AAF #Advertising #BaltimoreHon #gkv_people


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