GKV Rolls Out New Responsive Design Platform to Address Growing Demand for Mobile Websites

GKV, one of Baltimore’s largest marketing agencies, today announced that it has added a new responsive design capability to its current digital service offerings. “Platform 1” allows advertisers’ websites to instantly adapt to all types of devices, from desktops to smartphones to tablets.

According to new estimates by eMarketer, time spent using mobile devices has more than doubled in the past two years among U.S. consumers. Marketers and their websites haven’t necessarily caught up with consumers; in a recent Pew Research poll 76% of respondents reported it’s easier to shop via desktop compared to mobile devices, yet consumers are busier than ever before.

“With the growing demand for mobile shopping and digital content, having a low-maintenance solution that eliminates the need to build a separate mobile site is important for our clients,” said Garry Raim, Partner and Executive Vice President of GKV. “This new framework allows us to maintain one website that is consistently functional, up-to-date and visually optimized — it’s one site for every screen.”

Responsive websites detect the screen size of any device, adjusting the layout for best performance at various resolutions. The design approach resolves compatibility issues and provides the most user-friendly experience across all devices.

While GKV’s Platform 1 technology is not proprietary, the framework and process — which combines open source technologies — is unique. “Most large, consumer-facing websites are not yet built this way,” continued Raim. “GKV knows that the number of devices, platforms and browsers will continue to increase, and we have developed a solution for our clients that is easy to use, smart and adaptive — not to mention cost-effective.”

Platform 1 is the basis for all Web-based projects that GKV develops going forward. Recent projects include the PANDORA Perfect Gift Finder, the St. Joseph Health Products website, the Matrix Medical Network website, and GKV’s own website, which re-launched this week with the new responsive design. For more information about GKV’s digital service offerings, visit www.gkv.com.