GKV’s take on Super Bowl XLIX ‘s Ads

Super Bowl ads have become as anticipated as the game itself.  So much so, that last night a trending hashtag during the game was #Brandbowl, and the competition was stiff. Brands tried many approaches in their big game ads last night, from inspiring to amusing.  So who came out on top?

Emotion seemed to be the theme of the night for established brands. In GKV’s opinion, we favored the Budweiser “Lost Dog”,  Dove “Men Care” and Always “Like a Girl” ads in this category.  Many brands making their Super Bowl debut chose humor as the path to connect with consumers. GKV’s favorites included the Liam Neeson “Clash of Clans” ad, the unexpected and memorable strangeness of “Positive Feelings”  by Loctite and our own creative director’s first place pick the Mophie “All-Powerless.”

Runners up included “The Fiat Blue Pill” and “Say my name” by Esurance.

Let us know what you thought of last night’s brand bowl.