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What’s Important to Homeowners?

As experts in the home service category, we take a quarterly pulse of what’s important to homeowners. This quarter’s HomePulse focuses on the biggest challenges with owning a home and provides insights into the best way to reach and communicate with homeowners based on the critical issues they are facing today.

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GKV, briefly

We’re from Baltimore. Therefore, we hate the Yankees. It’s elemental, like air … or eating crabs. Orioles’ fans hate the Yankees because they can write bigger checks and buy their success. We can’t. The Orioles’ payroll is one-third the size of the Yankees’. So we play harder and tougher and smarter. Buck Showalter is not afraid to take chances; not afraid to trust his players.

GKV has been helping challenger brands succeed for over 30 years. Think of us as the Buck Showalter of ad agencies.

Our mission is to help you beat the Yankees.

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