Screaming Sheep Helps Shentel/Sprint Reach Dual Audiences

GKV’s first work for new client Shentel/Sprint varies its messaging based on the attitudes and media usage of two different target audiences. We used creative executions — such as a hilarious video of a screaming sheep — to highlight the pain that non-Sprint customers feel when hit with unexpected data surcharges.






GKV and St. Joseph Tackle the Flu Season

GKV’s media strategy for St. Joseph cough, cold and flu medicines uses real time data to target specific markets. If the flu is intense in Richmond or Milwaukee, we’re there with TV and/or radio.
















A Sign of Good Things to Come

For the first time in its 32 years of existence, GKV is adding our name to Baltimore’s skyline.

This week we saw the installation of a 20’ long, 5’ tall illuminated “GKV” sign on the northwest side of the McHenry Row building between the 4th and 5th floors.