PANDORA at JCK Las Vegas

GKV curated and transformed a traditional Las Vegas suite into a series of accessible, unforgettable moments

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View JCK Through The Years:

JCK Las Vegas is the jewelry industry’s most extraordinary event that offers over 23,000 attendees an unparalleled, personalized buying experience alongside an innovative showcase of jewelry. With over 2,300 brands, PANDORA Jewelry wanted to distinguish their products and set an expectation for years to come.

Hear What PANDORA Had to Say:

With a large presence on the showroom floor for buyers, PANDORA wanted to create an experience for the media that would result in opportunities to showcase their new autumn/winter jewelry collections in upcoming editorial and advertorial fashion and lifestyle magazines and online coverage.

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See the Transformation:

In 2010, PANDORA Jewelry and GKV started their collaborative journey with the goal of creating an experience for media and key retailers that would showcase the inspiration of the collection and transcend them into an experience. Instead of inviting media to view their new collections on the showroom floor, GKV found the perfect traditional Vegas suite and curated and transformed it into a series of accessible, unforgettable moments. PANDORA would be the first brand at JCK to completely transform a luxury suite by removing all of its current furniture and décor and creating an experience versus a private showroom. As media stepped into the suite, they immediately felt transported into a day in the life of a modern-day PANDORA woman’s fashion lifestyle.

Capitalizing on the tremendous reception of autumn/winter clothing trends and jewelry stylings by celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich, a mini runway was built for a fashion preview. The reactions and impact the suite had on media attendees were so astounding that GKV continued to produce the suites, making them larger and more impactful each year, resulting in coverage in ELLE, InStyle, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, Teen Vogue, Redbook, O Magazine, Marie Claire, More, Lucky and many more with over 200,000,000 impressions.

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