Baltimore LED Art Billboard Spotlights GKV’s Lindsay Petrick

The Baltimore LED Art Billboard is currently featuring the work of GKV’s own Lindsay Petrick. A mix of advertising and art, the digital billboard in the heart of Baltimore’s arts district aims to inspire people and expose a new audience to the creative talents right here in our own backyard.

In addition to being a stellar Art Director at GKV, Petrick is a talented illustrator and fine artist. Her work has been part of several group exhibits and has been published in several forms of print.

According to Petrick, people she knows or things that have happened in her life inspire all of her work. Some of her featured pieces include (left to right below):

-Waiting: Inspired by the mesmerizing rainbow pinwheel that appears when an Apple computer freezes, this is a piece that all Mac users (including Petrick) can relate to.

-High Expectations: A good friend and former roommate of Petrick inspired this painting of a girl with a high bun.

-Miss Puppy: This painting, inspired by a woman who collected stuffed animal puppies from yard sales, imagines what that woman’s house might look like.

GKV_Lindsay Petrick_Art
The Baltimore LED Art Billboard is updated regularly, with a full-time selection process involving local galleries, The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, Shanklin Media, and various figures in Baltimore’s artistic community. To read more about the Baltimore LED Art Billboard,