Elderplan: AEP

A local plan in the big city.


Elderplan, a member of MJHS Health System, is a small, not-for-profit health plan that provides a variety of coverage for Medicare and/or Medicaid beneficiaries living in New York City. Strong national brands have dominated the market and continue to grow. Elderplan was losing market share.

Challenger Brand Solution

Symbols of Re‑Evaluation

An ad spend like the behemoth national plans that also operate in New York was not an option. Nor was creating me-too advertising that would become just more noise. There was a real opportunity to make an emotional case for why Elderplan was a better choice for the diverse population of New York City. Being a smaller, local plan does have its advantages … like customer service provided by local people. And sharing the same values and beliefs as the community as well as having the knowledge of and a history with local markets that the national players could never have.


GKV took Elderplan hyperlocal, relying on their long history and connection to the different boroughs, their understanding of the culture and values of each one, and a strong community outreach program to create meaningful connections with people in the neighborhoods.


This proud, authentic and locally based campaign was executed in multiple advertising mediums including TV, OOH, print, digital and direct mail. The advertisements were customized by borough and also included Spanish customizations.


The campaign provided Elderplan with a brand refresh. Market share grew in one of the most competitive areas in the country. Community outreach teams noted advertising was seen by prospects and helped increase traffic to locations. The TV spots were produced in a manner that allowed them to be used year-round.

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