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How to partner with influencers to effectively launch a new product and stand out from the holiday crowd on social media.


The holidays are one of the most competitive times of the year on social media. So how do you break through the holiday clutter when you are a challenger brand? There is strength in numbers, and utilizing influencer partnerships can expand your brand, increase awareness, drive trial of the new flavors and even reach new consumers/fans.

Challenger Brand Solution

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In order to raise awareness of the new limited-edition holiday flavors, GKV leveraged influencers to create new content, gain new fans, help drive users to enter a giveaway, and increase awareness and trial of said new flavors. Paid support helped us to increase awareness and drive additional entries.

As part of the influencer partnerships, the brand also conducted a promotional giveaway on the Hills Bros.® Cappuccino social media channels. We capitalized on the holidays and winter theme with #MostFlavorfulTimeOfYear. The promotion ran for 3 weeks on the Woobox platform and 10 winners were randomly selected to win prize packs (limited-edition 3-pack and branded mug).


Influencers introduced their fans to Hills Bros.® Cappuccino by announcing the partnership and the new limited-edition 3-pack, providing in-store and online places to buy product, and giving fans a chance to enter the giveaway.

We aligned with the 5 key markets in order to create a custom influencer program that was authentic and real to the Hills Bros.® Cappuccino brand. The influencer program was made up of 6 influencers, a mix of nano and micro-influencers. In total, the following content was posted:

    • 12 in-feed Instagram posts
    • 13 Instagram stories
    • 2 original recipes with 2 long-form blog posts


Our influencers went above and beyond, posting 6 additional (free) Instagram stories and #1 product feature in a “photo guide” Instagram post.

From the 11/2/2020 start date through the end of the year, 35 influencers reached out to Hills Bros.® Cappuccino on Instagram, inquiring about partnership opportunities. A few of these influencers have since created content using the brand’s product, which we have been able to utilize as user-generated content (UGC) on owned social media channels.


  • Our Woobox giveaway landing page received 112,196 views and 42,967 entries.
  • Compared to the 2019 holiday promotion, we increased our entries by 1,066%.
  • 20,639 emails were collected for CRM and lookalike audience on Facebook.
  • Our promotional post on Facebook reached 228,000 people and had over 740 engagements, while on Instagram it reached 275 people and had 50 engagements.
  • We increased our fans on Facebook and Instagram by 30% compared to the previous period.
  • Total average engagement on our influencers’ posts was 25%, while the industry average is 1.22% to 3.57%.

GKV has been named by DesignRush as one of the top Social Media Marketing Agencies.

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