St. Joseph

High Blood Pressure Cough, Cold and Flu


The go-to-market plan had been slightly behind schedule, and in order to make it in time for flu season, GKV had been brought on board to quickly and efficiently get messaging in-market in a cost-effective and impactful fashion

The new product line had national distribution in major retailers, but the marketing budget did not allow for a national media plan. GKV had to come up with a strategic media approach that would reach the most qualified audience.

Challenger Brand Solution


Media Research: We identified top markets that over-indexed for hypertension/high blood pressure to create an opportunity index. Within those markets, media habits were analyzed and showed a greater usage of radio and digital media, which helped direct our media selections.

Market/Health Intelligence

As the product was launched during cold/flu season, markets were tracked for higher incidence of cold/flu. Information from the CDC, and Google Flu Trends was used to predict when, where and how severely a market would be impacted by the flu.

Shelf-talkers and FSIs were utilized in a small number of retail locations/markets to provide a baseline for subsequent years of marketing.

Responsive Plan

To maximize the budget, the media mix of radio and digital levels was adjusted across markets on a regular basis. Not typically seen with radio buys, we were able to optimize the spend by market by using weekly updates and projections of flu incidents. We had a system in place to quickly purchase live radio reads on top stations that reached our target audience, in markets that were seeing the uptick of flu incidents.


Overall, the campaign increased sales of St. Joseph Cold and Flu remedies more than 10% in cities with media running compared to those with no media coverage.