Not All Baby Boomers Are Created Equal

There are two subgroups of baby boomers. Learn how to tailor your marketing so it succeeds with each.

Clover Health: Valor Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Campaign

Clover Health, one of the nation’s fastest growing Medicare Advantage plans, tapped GKV to help launch a new campaign to drive Medicare Advantage enrollments for AEP. And we said “Why Not?”

St. Joseph Products: Aspirin

GKV’s campaign proves that emotion can offset dollars to help a vastly outspent brand punch above its weight.

GKV Challenger Brand Minute: How to Capture Age-In Medicare Audience

In this episode of Challenger Brand Minute, Andrew Robinson reveals three effective ways plans can drive new membership by capturing the Age-In audience.

Key Trends in 2020 for Home Service Companies

Each year our initial HomePulse survey identifies the key trends home service companies should consider while making decisions during the upcoming year.

Blue Shield of California: Age-In Campaign

GKV created a strategy based on the fact that people aging into Medicare were squarely in the baby boomer cohort.

Garry Raim

Partner, Executive Vice President

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    Marketing to Boomers

    Boomers control over half of the nation’s wealth.
    Connecting with them matters as much as it ever has.

    The value of marketing to the boomer generation is obvious. Doing so successfully gets a bit more complicated. It’s a huge cohort that is actually two cohorts. And it’s a group that has never followed the path of any generation before it, including the one leading into retirement.

    For years, we have helped a diverse set of clients engage and motivate this audience through compelling creative and targeted media, from Medicare plans to golf equipment to coffee. Our generation-spanning staff understands this audience and how to reach them, including advanced database solutions and shopper marketing.

    Although they love nostalgia, there’s nothing old school about boomers, or the way you win them over.