GKV Challenger Brand Minute: Branding in an Omnichannel World

Every day consumers interact with hundreds of media channels. So how is your brand supposed to break through? Watch 5 tips to help even the odds.

Orrington Farms: The Power of Powder to Drive Customer Re-Evaluation

In the bouillon/broth category, we help Orrington Farms stand out by featuring its powdered point of difference that gives home cooks more ways to rev up their recipes.

No Yolks: Breaking the rules. Connecting with consumers.

GKV helped No Yolks reach Millennial and Gen Z cooks with messaging focused on how dinner has no rules—just possibilities.

San Giorgio: The Right Way to Pasta

This fun and lighthearted campaign features person-on-the-street interviews in which real people share with great passion their methods for cooking this mealtime staple.

No Yolks. No Rules!

GKV helped No Yolks reach Millennial and Gen Z cooks with messaging focused on how dinner has no rules—just possibilities.

Lofthouse Cookies: Dare to be Sweet

Just when did everyone get so grumpy, snarky and sour? The world is so hungry for a little sweetness. And when conducting consumer research for our new client, Lofthouse Cookies, we discovered that we had just the thing.

Dan Collins

SVP, Chief Strategy Officer

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    Consumer Packaged Goods

    Creative and inspirational CPG marketing that gets results.

    Every category has challenger brands, but in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) the dominance of the category leaders is particularly stunning. In today’s consumer landscape with brand loyalty being a thing of the past, successful challenger brand’s advertising must be noticed, its social media must engage and its owned media must deliver real value.

    Understanding the Audience

    The first step in becoming a successful challenger brand is understanding your audience beyond demographics – their offline and online behaviors, interests and most importantly the journey they take to find and purchase your products.

    We have developed a four-step process that can help you understand and map your audience’s journey and then build a marketing strategy based on their needs, wants and interests to deliver the right messaging and content at the right time. It incorporates the insights and data you already have with third-party data to give a complete picture of who your audience is and how you can help guide them through their customer journey.

    It’s also built on evolution. The process of understanding your audience never stops as the needs of your audience are always changing and so will the touchpoint and messaging.

    As CPG advertising and shopper behavior continues to change, GKV will be there to help elevate and evolve your brand in today’s consumer landscape. Check out some of our CPG case studies and articles. Then, contact us to discuss your CPG marketing challenges.