Maryland Lottery

MD Lottery: Hot 7s

GKV’s campaign for the Maryland Lottery Hot 7s Scratch-Off shows how an average day of chores can turn into a ridiculously good day.

Maryland Lottery: Holiday 2022

Maryland Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs are so lively and fun, they practically give themselves away. Now there’s an interesting campaign idea.

Maryland Lottery: 2021 Holiday Campaign

Maryland Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs are fun, festive, and as we see in our latest campaign, a bit distracting.

Maryland Lottery : Holiday 2020

Yeah, things are a little different this year. Giving Holiday Scratch-Offs from the Maryland Lottery is a holiday tradition. So are the upbeat advertising campaigns...

Maryland Lottery: OLD BAY Bucks

An appetizing scratch-off campaign that’s fun, magical and just a little bit spicy.

Maryland Lottery: Dreamers

Working closely with the Maryland Lottery marketing team, we reframed the benefit and changed the reason to play.

Garry Raim

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