Maryland Lottery

Maryland Lottery: OLD BAY Bucks

An appetizing scratch-off campaign that’s fun, magical and just a little bit spicy.

Maryland Lottery: Dreamers

Working closely with the Maryland Lottery marketing team, we reframed the benefit and changed the reason to play.

Maryland Lottery: Ravens Scratch-Offs

The prizes you can win are the stuff of a Ravens fan’s dreams. So what happens when those dreams get a little out of hand?

Maryland Lottery: Thanks Ray

Baltimore wishes Ray Lewis well in this heartfelt tribute from the Maryland Lottery.

Maryland Lottery: Mobile App

Maryland Lottery fans can now take the MD Lottery everywhere they go, thanks to the GKV-designed mobile app.

Maryland Lottery: Home Run Riches

Baseball has some funny expressions. Ducks on the pond. Can of corn. Do you know what they mean?

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