Maryland Cannabis Administration: Impaired Driving

We helped the Maryland Cannabis Administration get a crucial message to Marylanders: Yes, adult-use cannabis is legal in Maryland—but it’s illegal to use before or while you drive.

GKV Challenger Brand Minute: Branding in an Omnichannel World

Every day consumers interact with hundreds of media channels. So how is your brand supposed to break through? Watch 5 tips to help even the odds.

No Yolks: Breaking the rules. Connecting with consumers.

GKV helped No Yolks reach Millennial and Gen Z cooks with messaging focused on how dinner has no rules—just possibilities.

Lofthouse Cookies: Dare to be Sweet

Just when did everyone get so grumpy, snarky and sour? The world is so hungry for a little sweetness. And when conducting consumer research for our new client, Lofthouse Cookies, we discovered that we had just the thing.

IPAs: How To Build A Strong Brand And Maintain Your Independence

Tips on how Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) can maintain their independence.

Roanoke Cooperative

When Roanoke Electric Cooperative wanted to expand its services beyond electricity, GKV created a complete rebranding driven by a seemingly contradictory yet profound insight: to expand, you must contract.

Garry Raim

Partner, Executive Vice President

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    Brand Development

    The recipe for developing a successful brand is one part strategy and one part creative.

    Becoming a brand is how your product or service becomes more memorable, engaging, and how you can achieve higher margins and greater customer loyalty. With the advent of social media and the growth of direct to consumer brands, brand development continues to change and evolve.

    At its core, a brand is still a promise to its customers about what the brand will deliver and how they can expect it to behave. But, consumer expectations have changed more than ever. It goes far beyond simply the product or service they provide. It now includes the causes a brand will champion as well as how the brand treats its employees, communities, suppliers and the rest of the world around them. It has never been more important to have a strong and consistent brand than it is now. With the introduction of social media consumers now too have a platform that makes it easier to call a brand out when it fails and doesn’t live up to its promises.