Brand Marketing ~IS~ Performance Marketing

Trying to get the most from your brand and performance marketing? Here are 3 simple ways to achieve both immediate and sustainable growth through best practices in measurement and integration.

Unlocking Marketing Success with Analytics

It’s not difficult to measure and manage your digital marketing efforts. Our Director of Digital Analytics & Strategy, Anna Alexiadi Smyrniotaki, explains.

That’s Tasty organic living herbs

That’s Tasty™ organic, living herbs bring recipes to life. Our job was not only to reach consumers, but to actually change the way they think about cooking.

Dan Collins

SVP, Chief Strategy Officer

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    Data Analytics

    We turn data into insights, wise decisions and winning brands.

    More than ever, the effectiveness of a brand’s advertising and marketing efforts can be measured. Our first step with every client and engagement is to set goals and KPIs, so that going forward your analytics teams can analyze performance against KPIs and develop and share key insights and make optimization and strategy recommendations.

    Given the many tactics that today’s brands use, GKV uses Datorama to consolidate data from all marketing and web analytics platforms in a customized automated dashboard — this can also include business outcomes (ex.: leads, sales, etc.). Much of the media data is updated every night at midnight, so you have access to the latest data first thing in the morning.

    Your analytics team can also do deeper dive statistical analyses to answer business questions, such as impact of marketing spend, promotions, as well as revenue forecasting based on different marketing mixes and spend levels.

    GKV is a performance-driven agency, so you may be surprised when an art director explains that she made a change to creative to increase its engagement rate. Everyone lives the data at GKV, not just your analytics team.