Maryland Cannabis Administration: Impaired Driving

We helped the Maryland Cannabis Administration get a crucial message to Marylanders: Yes, adult-use cannabis is legal in Maryland—but it’s illegal to use before or while you drive.

Constellation: Texas Electricity Campaign

How do you move the needle in the hypercompetitive Texas electricity market? Tap into the amazing power of funny animal videos!

Calvary Hospital: In-Home Hospice Campaign

Nothing feels as overwhelming as caring for a loved one nearing the end of their life. We helped Calvary In-Home Hospice change a delicate message into one of empowerment.

No Yolks: Breaking the rules. Connecting with consumers.

GKV helped No Yolks reach Millennial and Gen Z cooks with messaging focused on how dinner has no rules—just possibilities.

GKV creates “Dare to be Sweet” campaign for Lofthouse® Cookies

GKV’s campaign goal is to inspire people to bring a little more sweetness into the world.

Maryland Lottery: Come and Get Your Fun Campaign

Lottery fun. Come and get it.

Garry Raim

Partner, Executive Vice President

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