GKV and MD Lottery Help Make the Holidays Electric

In promotion of the Maryland Lottery’s new Tech the Halls seasonal scratch-offs, GKV created a festive animated TV spot featuring the tale of a holiday shopper who discovers a Christmas tree like no other. While wandering a snow-fallen tree lot in search of this year’s holiday centerpiece, the shopper is suddenly captivated by the neon glow of a florescent Tech the Halls Christmas tree — the focal point of the new scratch-off design — and discovers a wealth of cash and electronics prizes within.

Geared to both traditional Lottery scratch-off players and those that may be interested in the “high tech” electronics second chance prizes, the new promotion captures the classic yuletide spirit of the holidays, while also generating excitement around the fun and energy of the Tech the Halls game. A suite of print & digital promotional materials were also strategically implemented to help draw attention to the new scratch-off and its prizes, including an interactive photo-sharing application on MD Lottery’s Facebook page, which allows fans to “tech-out” their favorite online pictures with festive neon costumes.

Check out the new spot and Facebook app www.mdlottery.com/techthehalls.