GKV Celebrates ‘Take Your Child To Work Day’

Take your Child to Work Day celebrated its 22nd year on April 23rd, and GKV got in on the fun. This year GKV invited children ages 8-12 to experience agency life for a day, and just what their parents were up to while they were studying away at school.

GKV went beyond the average practice of “shadowing” the adults, and had an action-packed day of interaction, learning and even challenging the kids to create an ad campaign of their own!

Following an agency breakfast and tour, GKV kids were given brief overviews of what each department does, and how everyone works together as a whole. They were then broken up into teams and given a product to develop a campaign around with parameters, as the agency gets from a client. The kids created print ads, digital banners and TV spots for their campaigns, then presented them to the grown-ups. From impressive taglines to “textured” print ads, it is clear that the next generation of GKV’ers have a bright and creative future ahead of them!