GKV Continues Partnership with Miller Value Partners

GKV, one of Baltimore’s largest integrated marketing firms, today announced that it has continued its partnership with the newly launched Miller Value Partners. Earlier this year, legendary Fund Manager Bill Miller completed the buyout of Legg Mason’s stake in LMM LLC and launched the new brand Miller Value Partners. GKV worked with the Firm to create the new Miller Value Partners brand identity.

GKV started working with LMM in 2014 on the design and build of their website and visual branding. Since 2014, GKV continued to work with LMM on various digital marketing initiatives. In late 2016, GKV was tasked with evolving the LMM brand to Miller Value Partners in preparation of this event. GKV worked closely with the Miller Value Partners team to develop an evolution of their brand identity, including a logo and digital presence. Bill Miller and his team have employed a value-driven investment approach since 1982. GKV designed the logo as an “M” for Miller, but used the middle arms of the M to reveal a “V,” embracing the company’s heritage with a modern edge. In addition to the creative, GKV’s Public Relations team assisted with the acquisition announcement.

“GKV was honored to assist Bill and his team with the evolution of their brand to what is now Miller Value Partners,” stated Roger Gray, Chairman and CEO of GKV. “To be trusted with an investment management brand as legendary as Bill Miller’s is a testament to the partnership developed between our firms, and we look forward to continuing and growing that partnership.”

“GKV has been a key partner in translating our core brand identity into the digital and visual spaces. Their challenger brand philosophy lends to their understanding of our Firm’s culture and brand,” said Liz Goodier, Director of Marketing.