GKV Visits Philly for Nice to Meet You Media Tour

Nearly 60 media reps from the Philly/Hilly area found their way to Philadelphia’s Overkill Studio last Thursday morning. And it wasn’t just for the Bloody Marys.

Baltimore’s GKV Communications rolled into town to present their “Nice to Meet You Media Tour” with all the energy and enthusiasm of a traveling rock show.

The presentation kicked off with a video featuring one of Baltimore’s finest bucket drummers. As the drummer goes from a quiet audience of 5 to a raucous audience of 50, we’re told how “sometimes even a small voice can make a big noise.” This was the perfect analogy to highlight the resourcefulness of GKV, an agency that has grown more than 40% despite difficult economic times.

From there, Roger Gray, President of GKV, revealed the secret to GKV’s success – their Challenger Brand philosophy. Jeff Millman, Executive Creative Director, explained how Challenger Brands are not category leaders. As the number 2s or 3s, they can’t possibly outspend the leaders. So GKV, helps them outthink the leaders.

Several GKV execs then guided the audience through some lively case studies that showed how the Challenger Brand philosophy has proven to be effective in real-life situations. The entire multi-media presentation featured commercials, clips and graphics flowing briskly across multiple screens.

After the presentation, the audience was invited to try their hand at bucket drumming. Many were quite impressive, and all had a blast trying. Click on the link below or visit our Facebook page to see all the fun.

Even a small voice can make a big noise.