Be A Part of the Conversation, Or Be Dead

Be A Part of the Conversation, Or Be Dead

People are overwhelmed. They are constantly bombarded with things they need to deal with, whether that’s at work, at home, with family, etc. If your brand is in their current consideration set, good for you, autopilot behavior should help keep you there. If your brand is not, how do you rise above this constant noise to get into their consideration set?

Here are three tips to help get your brand to be part of the conversation:


Start by remembering that they are people first, consumers second.


If something is important to them, and it is important to your brand as well, you have the opportunity to build a bond of shared interest.


While social is a great environment for being part of the conversation, it is not the only place.

What follows are some examples of how GKV helped our various clients join the conversation.

Around Mother’s Day, men aren’t talking about Mother’s Day gifts, they are talking about the NFL draft. For PANDORA Jewelry, GKV used ESPN personalities like Mel Kiper and the expected top first-round NFL draft picks to create videos and banners of their “Top Picks” of charms for their Mother’s Day gifts.

There are lots of conversations about healthy eating, some that are actually fun. For Back to Nature, we created videos and banners about gluten-free eating that sounded a lot more like funny relationship posts than diet advice.

People love to talk about movies and sports, so for OLD BAY, we turned its iconic package into R2D2 for Star Wars movie releases, and had crabs have skate for the Olympics and pull off stunning Dirty Dancing moves for the 30th anniversary of the film’s release.

Everyone and every brand talks about Thanksgiving. For Frank’s RedHot, instead of fighting for attention in those Thanksgiving conversations, GKV talked about how to spice up leftovers on the day after Thanksgiving, or #Franksgiving. This allowed Frank’s to own a relevant conversation at a time when all the other brands were long gone.

Relevancy, not differentiation, is the challenge for most brands today. Being a part of the conversation is the best way to be a relevant part of people’s lives and the best way to get into their consideration set.

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Dan Collins

SVP, Chief Strategy Officer

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