GKV Announces Newest Client, Brown & Toland Physicians

GKV, one of the mid-Atlantic’s largest integrated marketing firms, today announced a new client, Brown & Toland Physicians, a California-based medical group with a leading network of independent doctors delivering personalized, high-quality, affordable health care to the San Francisco Bay Area.

“GKV has been working with challenger brands in the health care industry for over 35 years, and we’re excited to help Brown & Toland expand and communicate the many advantages it provides to both consumers and physicians.”

Garry Raim, GKV, EVP

GKV will develop an integrated media campaign for the consumer market to build awareness of the advantages of selecting a Brown & Toland physician during the open enrollment period.

GKV will also produce a comprehensive outreach campaign to help Brown & Toland increase brand awareness and build preference among physicians. The campaign will reinforce the value of the services provided to physicians that help doctors run offices more efficiently, lower operating costs and better manage patient care.

“Our primary focus is cultivating strong doctor-patient relationships, which is why we have chosen GKV, an agency we feel possesses the experience and knowledge to effectively communicate what we represent to the health care industry in the Bay Area.”

Kelly Robison, Brown & Toland Physicians, CEO

Brown & Toland Physicians is a community of independent doctors who run their practices and make medical decisions solely on their patients’ behalf, health care professionals who share in the physicians’ passion for care, and innovative systems and technologies that improve the patient experience and allow physicians to spend more quality time with each patient.

Garry Raim

Partner, Executive Vice President

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