GKV creates “Dare to be Sweet” campaign for Lofthouse® Cookies

In a world that can be a little snarky and sour, people hunger for a little sweetness. Lofthouse Cookies can provide just that.

Lofthouse Cookies have been around for years, but most people don’t know them by name, only as the soft, cake-like cookies with colorful buttercream frosting and sprinkles that are sold in the bakery section of grocery stores. GKV’s campaign goal is to inspire people to bring a little more sweetness into the world through small gestures like sharing a delicious cookie. Lofthouse encourages cookie lovers to “Dare to be Sweet.”

“When we sat down to brainstorm about this campaign, we knew Lofthouse Cookies were perfect for sharing. They’re bright, soft and sweet; they’re truly noticed and appreciated,’” said GKV’s Creative Co-Director Dave Broscious. “We quickly landed on the idea of adding a little niceness in the midst of so much angst and negativity. Sharing a cookie is a great place to start.”

“We want the campaign to inspire people to find the courage to reach out and lift someone else’s spirits,” added Creative Co-Director Chris Stark.

The campaign, which launched in August, features people from all walks of life whose days have been made a little brighter with the simple gift of a cookie. Scenarios include shy classmates, disheartened teammates and even holiday Scrooges.

The campaign will include digital video, paid and organic social media, as well as shopper marketing in the Mid-Atlantic region. The Lofthouse Cookies brand had no website and minimal social media presence, but the soft cookies were often talked about on social media, with people making cake pops out of them or trying to duplicate the recipe at home.

“Social media provides a rich opportunity to bring the brand personality to life through joyful, bright content in owned channels and in campaign,” said Stacey Wynia, GKV’s Director of Public Relations and Social Media. “The brand already has a loyal and passionate fan base in social, and we are excited to join that conversation and create content that complements what so many are already doing … daring to be sweet.”

The Lofthouse® brand was created in 1994 in Ogden, Utah. TreeHouse Foods acquired Lofthouse® in 2016.