GKV Health at the Aster Awards and Healthcare Ad Awards

GKV Health, a division of Baltimore-based full-service advertising agency GKV, has continued to solidify its position as an industry leader in healthcare marketing by clinching a series of prestigious accolades at both the Healthcare Ad Awards and the Aster Awards. These awards, which celebrate excellence in healthcare marketing, advertising and communications, honor organizations that demonstrate exceptional creativity, design and overall effectiveness in their campaigns.

GKV Health was recognized for its work with the Maryland Managed Care Organization Association (MMCOA) to communicate with Marylanders on reenrollment for Medicaid benefits post Covid-19, as well as for its collaboration with Clover Health, a provider of Medicare Advantage plans, to support their marketing efforts during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

“We are proud to be recognized once again at the Healthcare Ad Awards and Aster Awards, reflecting our unwavering dedication to pushing creative boundaries and delivering outstanding results for our clients,” said Andrew Robinson, Partner of GKV Health. “These prestigious recognitions inspire us to continue innovating and driving positive change within the healthcare marketing landscape.”

Established four decades ago, the Healthcare Advertising Awards were created to recognize the best in healthcare marketing and advertising in the nation. This year, the 41st Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards received an impressive 4,300 entries, making it the awards the largest and most well-recognized healthcare advertising awards competition.

GKV Health received Healthcare Ad Awards for the following:

  • Gold for Clover Health Direct Mail
  • Silver for Clover Health Digital Video Ad
  • Bronze for Clover Health Brochure
  • Bronze for Clover Health TV
  • Merit for Clover Health Integrated Campaign
  • Gold for MMCOA Brochure
  • Silver for MMCOA Health Promotion Program
  • Silver for MMCOA Logo Design
  • Silver for MMCOA Video (2+ minutes)
  • Bronze for MMCOA TV

Similarly, the Aster Awards Program, a highly regarded national competition, recognizes excellence in healthcare marketing, advertising and communications. Entries are judged on creativity, layout/design, typography, production, quality and overall effectiveness by a panel of healthcare marketing and design experts.

GKV Health received Aster Awards for the following:

  • Bronze Aster for Clover Health TV
  • Bronze Aster for Clover Health Direct Mail
  • Bronze Aster for MMCOA Brochure
  • Gold Aster for MMCOA Crisis Management Campaign
  • Gold Aster for MMCOA Logo Design

GKV Health’s recognition at both the Healthcare Ad Awards and Aster Awards underscores the agency’s commitment to delivering compelling and impactful healthcare advertising solutions. With accolades in categories such as direct mail, digital video ads, brochures, crisis management campaigns, and logo design, GKV Health continues to set the standard for excellence in healthcare marketing.

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