GKV’s Chief Digital Officer Weighs in on “Mobilegeddon”

Al Yukna’s take on Google’s ‘phantom’ algorithm update

Google’s moves in their recent major search algorithm updates are reflective of their ongoing effort to return the most relevant content for search users. Gone are the days of gaming Google’s system with massive link farms and ghost content; real, topical and fresh content rule the roost now. Furthering their commitment to search users, the push to rank mobile optimized Web properties higher by Google is directly in line with a massive uptick in mobile consumer media consumption and mobile search usage. That is to say, as consumers become more mobile focused, so too does Google. Brands that wish to remain top of mind and engaged with consumers when and where search (and nearly all other Web-based activities) is happening now must adopt a sound mobile strategy or face the fate of those shouting “Mobilegeddon!”