GKV’s Campaign for the Maryland Lottery is a Whole New Ballgame.

We’ve all seen them. Beautifully shot commercials for Nike, Adidas or Gatorade that show dramatically lit athletes with glistening, sweat-soaked skin, moving in slo-mo as epic music pulsates. And that’s fine for them.

But when the Maryland Lottery asked GKV to come up with a campaign for their new scratch-off game Baseball Bucks, we took a slightly more unexpected approach. We decided to be real. Let’s face it; most of us weren’t great ballplayers. In fact, our highlight reels are probably more hilarious than heroic. But that’s okay because “Even if you’re not quite ready for the big leagues, you can still play Baseball Bucks from the Maryland Lottery.”

We decided to parody the stereotypical sports spots, shooting them with the same drama and grandeur. But when you look closely, you realize, those aren’t athletes at all. And the words that appear on the screen tell a slightly less heroic story. This is a campaign for those of you who were voted Most Valuable Player… by the other team. Who lost pop flies in the sun… even on cloudy days. And who hit like Ruth… Aunt Ruth.