GKV’s New DRTV Campaign for Medifast

GKV’s first work for Medifast breaks the mold of celebrity product endorsements and body objectification by celebrating how successful weight-loss can lead to a healthier and happier life in unexpected ways.

The first spot in the direct response campaign airing on national network cable, “Tennis,” features Medifast customer Ruth Ann Somervell, who lost 62 pounds though the program and is shown playing tennis with her husband and enjoying her new-weight wardrobe. The second spot, “Basketball,” stars Medifast customer Johnny Taylor, who lost 27 pounds; just enough to give his young son a little competition on the basketball court. For the third spot, “Swing” viewers will find Medifast customer Cassandra Echevarria, who lost 36 pounds and is enjoying her success by spending time on a playground to the chagrin of three little girls waiting their turn.

The campaign themed “Your Whole World Gets Better” focuses primarily on Medifast’s direct-to-consumer online sales channel. It will also serve as the backdrop for other channel marketing efforts being created by GKV for Medifast.