GKV’s OLD BAY Campaign Wins Best In Show 2018

At Addys 2018, Baltimore bid farewell to advertising as we’ve known it and embraced the art and business that it has become. With the theme “The Last Addys,” the evening was divided into two acts. First, to reflect on how things used to be, advertising with all its clichés and heavy-handed messaging. And second, to see how far we’ve come, to an era of more personal, human, engaging work.

As a New Orleans band played a sad farewell, we said goodbye to old TV spokespeople like Palmolive’s Madge the Manicurist and Charmin’s Mr. Whipple. But then the night brightened literally and figuratively as this year’s award-winning work was revealed.

Among other awards, GKV took home the coveted “Best in Show” award with an integrated campaign for OLD BAY seasoning entitled, “I’D OLD BAY THAT.” So, while it can be fun to look back, we and our clients find it a lot more rewarding to look forward.

See the featured work here.

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