GKV’s Take on Pinterest’s New Cinematic Pins

GKV Media Planner Joy Wisnom Explains How Brands Can Use the New Animated Feature

Pinterest named Tim Kendall it’s first-ever “general manager of monetization,” and he’s kicking off with a splash: The Pinterest Cinematic Pin.These can best be described as video-like and similar to other online video ads. However, instead of playing automatically, it offers more control to the Pinners it targets by being motion-based. When scrolling stops, the movement stops too. New targeting features let you address users by interest, life stage, and persona.

Finally, there’s new pricing: “cost-per-engagement” means you pay when a user “signals intent” (repinning, clicking through to the site, or clicking on a pin to view it better), and “cost-per-action” focuses on when somebody actually makes a purchase.

Imagine what you can do with this array of new options, and remember that users come to Pinterest for three future-focused things: discovery, saving for later, and taking action (like clicking through and making a purchase). Lights, camera…