GKV mourns the loss of Jennifer Rosenthal Pinti

On December 13, 2016, GKV lost a cherished employee. Jenn Pinti (33), Vice President and Director of Digital Operations, lost her brief battle with lung cancer. Jenn is survived by her husband Phil and two children Penelope (4) and Nolan (2), her parents and siblings and her large, loving family.

Jenn joined GKV in May of 2008 and was instrumental in building GKV’s digital advertising capabilities at a time when the advertising industry was shifting from traditional to digital at break-neck speed. Jenn built and led the in-house digital capabilities and assembled a fantastic team of digital designers, developers and project managers.

“Jenn was wise beyond her years,” stated Roger Gray, Chairman and CEO of GKV. “She was a superb leader and visionary in terms of structuring and staffing a department to meet the digital needs of our clients, often before our clients actually knew they needed that capability. Jenn was expert in breaking down silos, getting teams working together, keeping all projects on time and delivering tremendous results in her work. Most importantly, Jenn was truly a one-of-a-kind person. Kind, loving, loyal, dependable, hardworking, friendly and honest. Jenn’s contributions and memory will never be forgotten.”

Jenn was not only amazing to have as a colleague; she was a friend to everyone she came in contact with. She was a mentor to young employees, a guide for new mothers around the office and the first person to welcome new hires. She brought GKV together by organizing “Take Your Child to Work” days and implementing the GKV employee photo booth. Along with the skill she brought to her work, she brought fun to the office and was the first to offer support and guidance to anyone who needed it.

Jenn courageously battled a rare form of lung cancer since June, and exhibited the most optimistic outlook and continuously inspired her family, friends and colleagues while undergoing intensive treatment. Jenn always exhibited a deep passion for everything she did as a mother, wife, sister, friend and advertising executive. Jenn never gave less than 100% and that held true in her battle against cancer.

Our thoughts, prayers and support are with Jenn’s family and friends at this extremely difficult time.

An education fund has been set up for her children, which can be donated to here.

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