Maryland Lottery Launches Scratch-Off Campaign Around Winning “Magic” Moments


The Maryland Lottery launched a new campaign for their scratch-off games, which focuses on the overwhelming feeling that accompanies winning the lottery, whether it be a large or small amount. This indescribable range of emotions one experiences when winning is emulated through the song, This Magic Moment — a 1958 classic, originally recorded by Ben E. King and the Drifters.

The objective was to create a single thematic that would apply to the promotion of all scratch-off games.

GKV, Lottery’s longstanding creative agency of record, called upon the talent of Radical Media’s Dave Meyer, who is best known for directing music videos for Bruno Mars, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar and Ariana Grande. Meyer captivates the audience and creates an emotional connection between the product and the Lottery players by setting the stage in a Baltimore coffee shop where the classic song is brought to life. The spot features a young woman listening to the song on her earbuds and playing a Lottery game, oblivious to the growing resonance of “This Magic Moment” spreading like wildfire through the customers and staff. Eventually, the woman realizes she’s won, and her enthusiasm brings the performance to an end — temporarily.

“The lyrics and the emotion from the song are a perfect fit for the Maryland Lottery,” said Maryland Lottery Director Gordon Medenica. Medenica, formerly the New York Lottery Director, experienced firsthand the power music has to drive sales, when, during his tenure at the New York Lottery, he oversaw several successful marketing campaigns that featured artists such as Cyndi Lauper and Boston.

Scratch-offs represent almost 35% of Maryland Lottery sales, and the category is poised for continued growth, having already surpassed all sales records year over year in fiscal year 2017.

GKV Creative Director Dave Broscious points to the positive nature of the song for its enduring popularity across generations and its ability to put a smile on one’s face. “Magic, positive moments happen all the time, from little ones like finding a great parking spot to big ones like a wedding proposal. Similarly, any time you play a scratch-off game, it can result in a magic moment, whether it means winning a few extra bucks or thousands of dollars.”

In addition to the TV commercial titled Sing-along, the campaign will include a variety of radio, social media, point-of-purchase and additional TV executions to reinforce the theme over the next 12 months. The campaign will run throughout Maryland, including the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. markets.

The commercial was shot on location at Pitango Bakery in historic Fells Point, Baltimore.

Click here to view the commercial.