Pokémon Go is a Symbol of Reevaluation for Brands


GKV Pokemon

Gotta catch’ em all … turns out the GKV conference room has been taken over by Pokémon. As a Challenger Brand agency, we love to see a brand breakthrough the massive amount of clutter in the marketplace. One of the tenets that guides our Challenger Brand philosophy is Symbols of Reevaluation. The biggest enemy of success in the marketplace is not consumer rejection; it’s consumer indifference. They don’t necessarily dislike your brand; they just don’t care about what you’re saying.

Challenger Brands need to disrupt the autopilot relationship they may have with the consumer by making visible changes that force consumers to pay attention to them, creating what we call Symbols of Reevaluation.

This week we tip our hat to Niantic, The Pokémon Company, and Nintendo as the Pokémon Go tidal wave takes over the U.S. The appeal to so many ages, the curiosity of augmented reality gaming, and the simplicity of play make this Symbol of Reevaluation one of the most memorable examples we’ve seen in years. Perhaps it is not so surprising to see that it became the top grossing iOS app within a day of being released and that it’s daily user numbers have surpassed Twitter in the U.S. in just under a week.

More brands struggling with the status quo should take notice of this Symbol of Reevaluation and see what can be done to reinvigorate a brand with very little marketing support.