Why the social bowl ruined my Super Bowl

Jeff Millman, Partner and Creative Director at GKV, weighs in on this year’s “social bowl” and the ad viewing experience.

Context counts. Viewing the ads during the Super Bowl is a wholly unique experience. We eagerly anticipate them. We anticipate our chance to judge them. Our anticipation informs how we view them, how we process them and how we react to them. It’s a big deal. People write about it.

Viewing a leaked Super Bowl spot online before the game is not a big deal. Different context. A moment among hundreds of other moments in your digital day.  Now I’m sorry I knew about Audi’s “Doberhuahua” in advance. I’m sorry I had already seen that enormous, slobbering head on that ridiculous little body. Because watching it online, without the Super Bowl Sunday context, made the spot feel more like news than advertising. I’m convinced that “Doberhuahua,” with its fantastic production and pitch-perfect Sarah Mclachlan surprise, would’ve just floored me had I seen it for the first time during the game. Mostly, I’m sorry I knew it was an Audi commercial and that Audi’s refusal to compromise was the point. Because the conceptual payoff at the end of a big, interesting commercial you’re seeing for the first time is always an impactful, even magical moment.

Does that moment count for as much as the number of social impressions the leaked spots generate? I’ll leave that to the smart people.

I just know I missed it on Sunday.