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Sell Your Challenger Brands

GKV’s SVP, Chief Strategy Officer, Dan Collins shares that in order for challenger brands to thrive, they must shift their marketing approach to build a strategy that plays to the brands strengths. In his latest Media Post article, he identifies leveraging the already existing audience, as well as digital and social techniques that offer high […]

Docu-mercials Are The Next New Thing, Reshaping TV Ads

GKV’s Chief Creative Officer, Jeff Millman, shares how docu-mercials are the next new thing. Many smart brands have already reevaluated the tone and execution of their communication, providing authentic, fact-based entertainment for viewers. There is an abundance of great storytelling by brands on the internet. It’s time to bring more of it to TV. Read […]

6 Digital Secrets Challenger Brands Use To Drive Growth

GKV’s SVP, Chief Strategy Officer, Dan Collins, recently wrote an article about how challenger brands use digital to build their brands and drive growth. The piece shares six digital secrets challenger brands use. Read the full article here: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/325471/6-digital-secrets-challenger-brands-use-to-drive-g

Reaching Beyond ‘Bad Mom’ and ‘Super Mom’ Stereotypes

GKV’s VP/Director of Public Relations and Social Media, Stacey Wynia, recently wrote an article that zeroes in on the joyful mom. The piece points out all the stereotypes moms face from marketers and how brands are missing the mark. Read the full article here: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/306765/reaching-beyond-bad-mom-and-super-mom-stereoty.html.

Be A Brand On A Mission

GKV’s SVP and Strategic Planning Director, Dan Collins, recently wrote an insightful piece regarding CPG brands and their USPs (unique selling propositions). The piece focuses on how brands’ strategic foundations have evolved, as they are now positioning themselves around their Brand Truth and not just their product benefits. Read the full article here: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/302630/be-a-brand-on-a-mission.html#reply

GKV’s Dan Collins Recognizes 3 Challenger Brand Geniuses

Here at GKV, we’re always coming up with creative new solutions using our Challenger Brand philosophy to help our clients stand out from the noise. GKV’s SVP and Strategic Planning Director, Dan Collins recently wrote a great article calling out a variety of Challenger Brands that have deployed the strategy of “Symbols of Re-evaluation” very […]

GKV’s Dan Collins Weighs in on the Rise of Challenger Brands

GKV Senior Vice President and Strategic Planning Director, Dan Collins recently wrote an informative piece for MediaPost about the rise of challenger brands, what makes them successful and what big brands can learn from them. In today’s consumer society, people want options and variety. The household brand names that have been around for decades are […]