Maryland Department of Health:
Masks on Maryland

Fighting COVID-19 with the Maryland Department of Health, and Marylanders.

Wearing a mask can make a critical difference in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Still, many continued to resist doing so.

Our strategy? Minimize the “bossiness” of the message and make the benefits of wearing masks more immediate and tangible, positioning masks not as a barrier to life but as a way to carry on doing the things we enjoy.

“Want to live on, shop on, play on? Then masks on, Maryland.”

The appeal was adapted to different audiences and cultures, especially to demographics most at risk of catching and spreading the virus. Messaging was kept positive and inclusive and from the people, using local DJs, influencers and respected authorities. The effort embodied the spirit, if not the words, of the World War II campaign “Keep calm and carry on,” building a sense of community and comradery in less than normal times.

We continue our work with the Maryland Department of Health to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19. And hope to continue in a way that builds on to the strengths and goals we all share.