Maryland Lottery:
Ravens Scratch-Offs

GKV and Baltimore based production partner REJ & Associates teamed with Moving Picture Company (MPC) for the live shoot, CGI animation and editorial, while Q Department handled the musical score to demonstrate the power, magic and excitement of Ravens scratch-off games.

The spot, shot on location in Baltimore, shows a Lottery player suddenly experiencing a dramatic transformation to his surroundings as he begins to interact with the ticket. The sky changes, and a murmuration featuring over 500,000 ravens sways right and left, seeming to momentarily form the Baltimore Ravens logo in the sky over Baltimore before ultimately flying into the game card, highlighting the hologram printed on the ticket. The scratch player is thrown back by the power of nature and has a moment with a live raven as he enjoys the product.


Previous Football Campaigns

The prizes you can win by playing the Maryland Lottery’s Ravens Scratch-Off are the stuff of a Ravens fan’s dreams. So what happens when those dreams get a little out of hand? Very funny advertising that shows just how well the Lottery knows its customers’ affection for their team.

In Maryland, we take our football, and our advertising, very seriously. So when the Maryland Lottery needed to promote their new Ravens Scratch-Off games, we created a memorable campaign that featured a die-hard Ravens fan who trained his pet to fetch scratch-offs. Only this pet isn’t a dog; it’s an actual raven.

With TV, radio, digital, outdoor, and social media we invited viewers to “Let their pride fly!”

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