Miller Value Partners:
Website Redesign

In 2014, GKV was approached by Bill Miller’s marketing director to build awareness for LMM, the company that he had created under Legg Mason. Everyone knew Bill Miller, but he wanted them to get to know LMM. GKV was hired to redesign the LMM brand identity and website with a visual appeal as bold and unique as the company’s contrarian investment approach.

A few years later, the decision was made to change LMM to Miller Value Partners (MVP) when LMM separated from Legg Mason, as to better leverage Bill Miller’s personal brand equity and to communicate his unique investment philosophy. GKV once again redesigned the website as well as collateral materials and content. Currently, GKV is in the process of updating the website for a third time with a goal of making the site and content more engaging and stickier.

During the six years we’ve worked with Miller Value Partners, there has been a substantial increase in website traffic and in e-newsletter registrations, both of which directly correlate to new investors and increased investment levels.

GKV is honored to be recognized as a Top Web Design Firm by Design Rush.

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