No Yolks:
Breaking the rules. Connecting with consumers.

There’s no rule against changing things up.

Past marketing of No Yolks had focused on how people have traditionally used noodles in classic recipes like soups and casseroles. But the concept of “dinner” has changed a lot over the years. People aren’t necessarily eating at a certain time or off a table. Millennial and Gen Z cooks approach things differently, whether that means a new take on an old favorite, or a meal of their own creation. They view the kitchen as a place with no rules—just new possibilities. No Yolks fits into this landscape as a dinner option that goes with a lot of different cuisines, isn’t hard to make, and is easy to enjoy.

That’s why we made our campaign No Yolks. No Rules.

Setting the table for success.

Our fully integrated omnichannel plan includes digital video, banners and paid social and search. Additionally, we’re using social media influencers to help build awareness, change perceptions and drive prospects to No Yolks’ revamped website, where users can find “din-spiration” from new and traditional recipes. We’re also utilizing BDI/CDI data to optimize our shopper marketing program of retailer-sponsored search, onsite and offsite digital ads, add-to-grocery-list ads and moment-based mobile media, as well as Instacart and Ibotta, to drive immediate basket ring.

Consumers were inspired to cook. And shop.

The campaign immediately engaged current and new No Yolks consumers. Sales increased by 18.6%, average daily website traffic increased by a staggering 513% and the campaign achieved a 5.2x return on advertising spend (ROAS).

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