Snyder’s of Hanover:
National Pretzel Day

Making Snyder’s of Hanover the pretzel to eat on National Pretzel Day each year!

April 26th of every year is National Pretzel Day, and to help support the traditional advertising campaign, Snyder’s of Hanover (SOH) wanted their name to be synonymous with the day.

GKV designed and launched a mass-sampling campaign across multiple cities in both 2013 and 2014 to boost brand positioning and encourage consumers to think of and eat SOH pretzels each year on this holiday. The one-day event took place across 5 cities in 2013 and reached 77,700 activation participants with 36,950 samples and 2,600 giveaways distributed. In 2014, the activation was ramped up to 9 cities, reaching 174,039 participants with 208,080 samples and 47,200 giveaways distributed. Both years drew major media coverage from news outlets such as ABC, Time and CNN, while garnering a whopping 128 million impressions combined.

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