That’s Tasty organic living herbs

Nothing brings your recipes to life like cooking with fresh, living herbs. However, many people have never considered using living herbs in their dishes.

That’s Tasty is an independent herb company whose products check all the right boxes; they’re fresh, organic and REALLY tasty, thanks to their Chief Dirt Officer. (Hey, dirt matters if you want great tasting herbs!)

With limited funds, we not only had to move consumers from awareness to purchase, we had to actually change the way people think about cooking.

We created a fully integrated plan consisting of digital ads, videos, impactful offers, Pinterest and Chicory food blogs, and more. We avoided the extreme foodies and the purely practical cooks. Instead, we focused on the middle of the market, the folks that care about what their family eats from both a taste and nutrition perspective. The creative centered around how That’s Tasty adds flavor and freshness to your cooking.

So far, we’ve not only added more life to tired recipes. We’ve added more life to That’s Tasty sales as well.

  • Strong sales lift and ROAS.
  • Digital KPIs above norm.
  • Shoppers engaged with moment-based targeting delivering a strong CTR of .58% and .69% for two different retailers – total Add to Cart was over $200K.
  • Ibotta garnered over 17K offers redeemed.

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