Until algorithms take over completely, agencies need people. We’ve got some very good ones. These are just a few.

Roger Gray

Chief Executive Officer

Garry Raim

Partner, Executive Vice President

Kevin Kempske

President, Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Millman

Chief Creative Officer

Cathy Kowalewski

VP, Chief Financial Officer

Dan Collins

SVP, Chief Strategy Officer

Dan Robinson

SVP, Director of Media Services

Stacey Wynia

SVP, Director of PR & Social Media

Shannon Gardiner

SVP, Director of Acct. Management

David “Boomer” Blum

SVP, Account Supervisor

Mark Rosica

SVP, Director of Creative Operations

Dave Broscious

SVP, Co-Creative Director

Chris Stark

SVP, Co-Creative Director

Marni Rogow

VP, Account Supervisor

Andrew Robinson

VP, Account Supervisor

Chuck Fischer

VP, Account Supervisor

Ellen Delaplane

VP, Account Supervisor

Mary Quick

VP, Design Director

Brent Williams

VP, Digital Design Director

Mike Hilton

VP, Director of IT