Shentel had to create a deeper connection with the customer. So, we started with a new Brand Promise to be used in all of Shentel’s communications: “Always Connected to You.”

GKV Challenger Brand Minute: Branding for Broadband

GKV’s Challenger Brand Minute: your source for bite-sized marketing smarts.

GKV Challenger Brand Minute: Breaking Inertia

Welcome to GKV’s Challenger Brand Minute: your source for bite-sized marketing smarts.

Branding for Broadband

Reliable internet service has never been more important to consumers. We’ll show you some tips to get consumers to switch.

Sprint: Big Presence

Most people love their mobile phones, but not their carrier… so, why don’t they switch?

Shentel: Faster Internet. Better Life.

Shentel delivers reliable high-speed Internet: your connection to family happiness, productivity and a better life.

Garry Raim

Partner, Executive Vice President

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    Cable, broadband and wireless technologies connect people to the world. And we keep those companies connected to ever-changing needs of consumers. Reliability, relevance and the perfect offer rule the day.

    Wireless Services: Value and nimble retail offers rules the day

    Mobile devices are lifelines. They guide us through our days and wireless network connectivity makes it all work. Yet consumers are often willing to put up with higher prices, poor service and unreliable connections, especially in more rural areas. To overcome consumer inertia and perceived hassle of switching carriers, effective brand marketing demands communicating value and constantly shifting offers and tactics

    Broadband Services: Brand + Value + Promotion = SUCCESS

    Life demands the fastest internet speeds and reliable service…morning, noon, day, and night. It is more important than ever to have the right internet provider. Consumers want to be confident that their home is powered with the speed necessary to accomplish what they want, when they want. To drive growth and reduce churn in a highly competitive category, Internet Services Providers must effectively breakthrough and differentiate brand perception while elevating the speed/price value proposition.