Constellation: Texas Electricity Campaign

How do you move the needle in the hypercompetitive Texas electricity market? Tap into the amazing power of funny animal videos!

Clover Health: Medicare Advantage Digital Marketing

GKV direct marketing delivers in a big way for Clover Health. When we added digital, it delivered in an even bigger way.

Calvary Hospital: In-Home Hospice Campaign

Nothing feels as overwhelming as caring for a loved one nearing the end of their life. We helped Calvary In-Home Hospice change a delicate message into one of empowerment.

San Giorgio: The Right Way to Pasta

This fun and lighthearted campaign features person-on-the-street interviews in which real people share with great passion their methods for cooking this mealtime staple.

No Yolks. No Rules!

GKV helped No Yolks reach Millennial and Gen Z cooks with messaging focused on how dinner has no rules—just possibilities.

Maryland Lottery: Come and Get Your Fun Campaign

Lottery fun. Come and get it.

Garry Raim

Partner, Executive Vice President

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    Digital Marketing

    As the marketing landscape has evolved over the past decade, so has GKV.

    We’ve integrated new digital solutions into virtually all of our work and we’re focused on delivering ROI while remaining true to our clients’ brands.

    Over the years, we have built a strong in-house digital team with expertise in a number of disciplines including paid search, SEO, email, display, web strategy/design, UX design/development, copywriting, video production, and social media. And as new channels and disciplines come to the forefront, we will have those covered as well.

    Some of GKV’s specific digital strengths include content marketing, integrated campaigns, website/e-commerce/landing page design, web development Social Media strategy, email marketing, display advertising, and video production across all channels.