Texas Electricity Campaign

Very few categories are as competitive and hotly contested as the deregulated energy market in Texas.

There are 130 electricity providers in Texas, and they need to succeed with two very different groups of customers. Rate Hoppers change plans often just to save a few fractions of a penny per kilowatt hour. Never Switchers refuse to change plans because they feel it’s not worth the hassle.

Providers must get Rate Hoppers to switch and stick. They also need to convince Never Switchers to get off the dime and change plans for a change.

However, there’s one huge, additional challenge facing all providers: ­making their brand stand out from the sea of electricity advertising sameness created by one forgettable, ignorable TV spot after another, and another, and another…

This campaign cuts through the noise and Texas-sized clutter with engaging, fun, memorable spots and social posts that feature found video footage of animals doing engaging, fun, memorable things. We used the animals’ antics to signify the shock, frustration, disappointment and other emotions customers feel when dealing with many electricity providers.

These spots get noticed and connect with both groups of Texas electricity customers, enticing them with all the reasons they should switch for good to Constellation.

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