Orrington Farms: The Power of Powder to Drive Customer Re-Evaluation

In the bouillon/broth category, we help Orrington Farms stand out by featuring its powdered point of difference that gives home cooks more ways to rev up their recipes.

No Yolks: Breaking the rules. Connecting with consumers.

GKV helped No Yolks reach Millennial and Gen Z cooks with messaging focused on how dinner has no rules—just possibilities.

Lofthouse Cookies: Dare to be Sweet

Just when did everyone get so grumpy, snarky and sour? The world is so hungry for a little sweetness. And when conducting consumer research for our new client, Lofthouse Cookies, we discovered that we had just the thing.

Generating Sales Anywhere, Anytime

Shoppers are all over the place, and they can be ready to buy anytime. Here are five ways to make sure your brand is always right there with them.

That’s Tasty organic living herbs

That’s Tasty™ organic, living herbs bring recipes to life. Our job was not only to reach consumers, but to actually change the way they think about cooking.

Garry Raim

Partner, Executive Vice President

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    Shopper Marketing

    Today's consumers are shopping anywhere and at any time... and we are there, connecting with them to drive conversion and sales.

    GKV helps you find the right balance for retailer-specific and fully integrating programming to achieve desired results. We simplify conversion and the retail landscape. We uncover the motivational factors at each step of the customer journey so you can know where to connect and get them to buy. And we focus on meaningful engagements with consumers to change their behavior, seamlessly integrating efforts across all media and touchpoints.

    Our capabilities include:

    • Omnichannel planning and activation
    • National retailer activation planning
    • Regional and/or local retailer planning and activation
    • Retailer media planning and execution