Miller Value

We gave a 30 year old brand newfound independence.

Rosedale Federal

We helped an older bank discover the fountain of youth.

National Penn

We showed a mid-sized bank how to go beyond the expected.

Miller Value Partners: Brand Development & Website Redesign

Miller Value Partners asked us to create a website with a visual appeal as bold and unique as the company’s contrarian investment approach.

Miller Value Partners: Brochure

Miller Value Partners needed a view book as bold and unique as their contrarian investment approach.

Garry Raim

Partner, Executive Vice President

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    Financial Services

    GKV has rich and deep experience marketing financial brands.

    In fact, we have a financial brand on our client roster every year since we hung out our shingle 38 years ago. We have helped market a wide array of financial products and services that include wealth management, traditional banking products, credit cards, stand-alone ATMs and credit counseling services for brands that are local, regional and national in scope.

    Our work in the category has encompassed complete rebranding assignments, new product launches and brand inside initiatives to ensure our client's employees consistently deliver on­ brand experiences to their customer. Our "Challenger Brand" marketing approach has helped our financial clients gain market share in a constantly consolidating category.