Miller Value Partners

: We gave a 30 year old brand newfound independence.


An icon was separating from a premium brand and needed to establish a distinctive visual presence.

Challenger Brand Solution

Emotional Connection

Bill Miller was known worldwide for his authentic and contrarian style of value investing. Despite his high personal brand equity, the world associated him with Legg Mason. Through the multi-year separation from Legg, Bill’s Firm needed to clearly communicate to their investors, to their prospects, and to their peers that they were independent – not only in ownership, but also in their ability to provide access to their unique investment approach.

Two-step Evolution

GKV was approached by Miller’s marketing director in 2014 to expand the Firm’s brand visual identity and design/develop a website to establish an online platform for the Miller team to communicate directly to its investors for the first time.

In 2017, after 30 years of operating under the Legg Mason flag, Bill Miller stepped out to establish his own, independent firm. It was time for GKV’s creative and brand competence to shine. We created a new logo that was as iconic as the Firm’s founder to stand out in the competitive asset management space.  GKV also evolved the website, created new marketing collateral, and expanded the brand visuals to support investor communications.


During the 7 years we’ve worked with Miller Value Partners, there has been a substantial increase in website traffic and in e-newsletter registrations, both of which supported stronger investor relationships and longer investments in the Firm’s funds.