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Franks Red Hot Sauce

When you’re the social voice for America’s favorite #1 hot sauce, you don’t play it mild. Read More.

Bridgestone Golf

How do you take on the #1 name in golf? With a better ball. A little swagger. And, oh yeah, the greatest golfer of our generation. Read More.

Old Bay Bucks

How do you promote a scratch-off game that smells like Maryland’s favorite seasoning? With an appetizing campaign that’s fun, magical and just a little bit spicy. Read More.

Opportunity Out of Chaos

Jeff Millman, Chief Creative Officer, recently spoke at a Marketing Innovations conference on "Opportunity Out of Chaos: The Case for Being a Values Brand". The lively mixed media presentation tackled the new realities of the industry. View a short version of his presentation. Read More


How do you show people OLD BAY perfect spice blend for seafood and for pretty much any food on earth? This is how…


GKV Brews Up Fresh & Energizing Creative Campaigns for New Client Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group

GKV welcomes three new coffee brands: Chock full o’Nuts, Hills Bros., and Kauai Coffee

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GKV, briefly

We’re from Baltimore. The Orioles are our team. Therefore, we hate the Yankees. For us, it’s elemental, like air… or eating crabs. We hate the Yankees because they can always write a bigger check. Which is also the market reality for most of our clients, routinely outspent by bigger, better-funded competitors. So, to the category number twos, threes, sevens, eights, to the new and barely visible, we’re pleased to meet you.

GKV has been helping challenger brands succeed for 35 years. Our mission is to help you beat the Yankees.


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