Maryland Lottery:
Holiday 2023

Magic Ticket Ride

As the long-time creative agency for the Maryland Lottery, GKV faces a rather unique and welcome challenge at the end of every year: promoting the Lottery’s Holiday Scratch-Off games.

The idea behind the most recent offering was to show how Holiday Scratch-Offs always manage to make spirits bright. After all, you can stuff them in a stocking, hang them on a tree, and hand them out to every adult on your list. They’re lively and fun.

For the 2023 campaign, GKV worked closely with the Lottery’s Creative Services group to produce a spot where the scratch-offs aren’t just the main focus, they actually come to life. In “Magic Ticket Ride,” we see a woman return from a shopping trip. As she puts down her bag, the Holiday Scratch-Offs inside pop out and take on a life of their own. In a flurry of magic sparkles, they form a sleigh and go on a rollicking ride through the house, parachuting into holiday cards, marching into stockings, and even surprising a delighted delivery guy.

It’s a spirited ride that certainly delivers the joy of the season, showing just how fun and festive Holiday Scratch-Offs can be.

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