First-Party Data: A Hidden Gem for the Post-Cookie World

Amid growing concerns for consumer privacy, increased transparency and reducing complexity, the era of “cookies” is ending, but not just yet.

Reaching moms through social during COVID-19

It’s a challenging time for all of us, but especially for moms. Here are some hints on how to maximize social media content to provide moms with information they can really use.

Six Steps to Crisis Management

If you do not currently have a Crisis Management Plan in place, there are several steps to take immediately to set yourself up for success both short- and long-term. Proper crisis management will demonstrate to your key audiences that you are prepared and handling the situation effectively and efficiently.

What should brands do on social media in a time of uncertainty?

It’s a challenging time for brands across the world. Here are some recommendations on how to adapt your current social media content and curate new content in response to COVID-19.

DSM: Babypalooza

For Babypalooza 2018, DSM asked GKV to create brand messaging and a high-impact booth design.

Improving Net Promoter Scores

Aligning an organization’s policies, procedures and culture to its brand promise is paramount to creating customer loyalty and future financial success.

In social, video content is king, but storytelling is queen.

How to tell your story on social media.

What’s the big idea behind the big idea?

Behind every TV commercial, radio spot and social media post, there’s a big idea.

How Do Small Businesses Advertise in 2019?

In the real world, businesses need to advertise in order to reach their target audience and entice them to make a purchase.

Garry Raim

Partner, Executive Vice President

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Over-the-Counter Medicines & Personal Health

The consumer focus on do-it-yourself healthy lifestyles continues to grow.

With it, there has been an exponential increase in the supplement business, whether it be vitamins, powders, or foods and beverages fortified with beneficial nutrients. Few agencies have the depth of experience in marketing nutrients, supplements and weight-loss products as GKV.

Keep It Simple
Your product may offer many benefits. But if you try to state too much, consumers won’t hear any of them. Pick the single most important benefit and say it clearly. As an old professor used to tell me, “if you chase two rabbits, you won’t catch either one.”

Increase Your Online Presence
Gone are the days when primary care doctors gave patients all the answers. Consumers are increasingly relying on online channels to self-diagnose. Today, 96% of internet-using adults have used online health information to help them make decisions.

Packaging, The First Impression
Packaging for OTC medications is no longer just a carrier of the product. It is an integral part of connecting with the consumer. Keep it simple and targeted. For example, packaging for an all-natural dietary supplement should probably have a much more nurturing look than that of a bold, performance-enhancing sports supplement.

Keep Em' Coming Back
Many OTC medications are taken on an as-needed basis. However, vitamins and supplements are generally consumed daily. This frequent use makes the OTC industry ideal for customer loyalty programs, which can increase repeat purchases and provide a precious source of data.

No Guts, No Glory
The safe route is for the old guys who have been running the show for a long time. But their grip is loosening, and always will for the new guy who goes to where the ball will be, not where it’s been. But taking chances doesn’t mean risking it all.

KPIs... Fun? No. Critical? Yes
What makes advertising and marketing effective isn’t the numbers. It’s the insights, the creativity and sweating the details. But those skills need to be pointed in the right places. Start with the numbers, know what you are trying to accomplish, stay aware and stay nimble, so you can make your risks less risky.